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Health & Wellbeing Insurance

BGi.uk has designed a series of Insurance policies for Yogis, Teachers, Practitioners, Therapists, Schools and Associations engaged in some 1,500 activities, therapies and disciplines; ranging from Aesthetics to Zumba

BGi.uk is a specialist in insurance for Health and Wellbeing activities, therapies and disciplines. We currently cover a number of different Spiritualists & Energy Healers disciplines. The list keeps growing.

These are some of the many Spiritualists & Energy Healers disciplines we cover

Access Body Processes
Access Consciousness Bars
Aka Lani
Angel Card Reading
Angel Practitioner
Angel Therapy/Work
Angelic Reiki
Atlantean Healing
Aura Cleansing, Balancing and Photography
Aura Therapy
Bach Remedies
Body De-Armouring
Body Transformation and Soul Retrieval
Brennan Healing
Chakra Therapy and Dance
Colour Therapy
Core Energy Cleansing
Crystal Colour Therapy and Healing
Crystal Therapy and Reiki
Deeksha Healing and Oneness Blessing
Dharma Practices
Diamond Light Activation Rites and Healing System
Divine Light Worker
Dragon Magic
Eden Energy Medicine
Egyptian Cartouche
EMF Balancing Technique
Emotion Code Therapy
Emotional Release Therapy
Energy Alignment and Release Technique
Energy Balancing and Healing
Energy Field and Cone Technique
Energy Interference Patterning and Psychology
Ensofic Reiki
Esoteri Healing
Essence of Angels

Fairy Energy Therapy
Faith Healing
Feminine Frequency Formula
Feminine Spirituality
Gentle Release Therapy
Golden Ray Initiations
Hawaiian Huna
Healing Codes
Healing Therapy and Healing Order of the Drago
Health Kinesiology
House Blessing
Ignite Your Spirit Therapy
Integrated Energy Therapy and Healing
Integrated Therapeutic Alignment Energy Healing
Intuitive Energy Healing and Life Purpose Activator
Karakia Therapy
Korero Mirimiri
Kuan Yin Transmission
Living Threads Therapy
Mace Energy Method
Magnet Therapy
Magnified Healing
Mary Network Healing Method
Meridian Energy Therapy
Metamorphic Therapy and Practitioner
Mother Blessing
Mother Blessing
Multidimensional Angelic Alignment Therapy
Natural Quantum and Spiritual Healing
Nine Rites Munai
Oracle Card Reading
Paranormal Practitioner and Guided Walks
Peak States Therapy
Pellowah Healing
Pranic Healing
Psychic Awareness and Energy Removals
Psychich Readings
Psych-K Therapy
Quadeucous Therapy
Quantum Holographic Echo Healing
Quantum Touch and Transformation
Rahanni Therapy
Resonance Repatterning

Sacred Circles and Drum Healing
Sacred Star therapy
Sacred Women Awakening and Mama Circles Facilitator
Seashell Therapy and Shell Essences
Seichim Healing
Shamanic Power Retrieval and Psychotherapy
Shamanic Wilderness Therapies
Shamanism and Shamanic Womb Massage
Soul Body Fusion
Soul Link
SoulNAr Sound Healing Therapy
Space Clearing
Spirit Release Therapy and Healing
Spiritual Intelligence Training
Spiritual Profile Consultant and Psychotherapy
Star Reiki
Tarot Card Reading
Tera Mai Reiki
Kuan Yin Transmission
Usui Reiki
Vibrational Essences
Violet Flame
Vortex Healing
Womb Awakening
Womb Blessing, Attunement and Healing
Zenith Omega

Do not worry if your activity, therapy or discipline is not listed. If you send us an enquiry or quote request we will advise you what cover you require

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