Physical Health Therapies Insurance

Health & Wellbeing Insurance has designed a series of Insurance policies for Teachers, Practitioners, Therapists, Schools and Associations engaged in some 1,500 activities, therapies and disciplines; ranging from Aesthetics to Zumba is a specialist in insurance for Health and Wellbeing activities, therapies and disciplines. We currently cover a number of different Physical Health Therapies. The list keeps growing.

These are some of the many Physical Health Therapies we cover

Active Release Technique
Acupuncture/Meridian Work
Alexander Technique
Auricular Acupuncture
Auricular Therapy
Autonomic Response Testing
Back Pain Management
Bioptron Light Therapy
Colour Reflexology
Cranio and Visceral Osteopathic Articulation
Cranio Sacral Therapy
Cupping – Dry and Wet
DORN Method
Dry Needling
Eldoa Method
Electro Acupuncture
Electro Magnetic Acupuncture
Electro-Stimulation Therapy
Empulse Electromagnetic Therapy
Fire Cupping
FMT Rock-tape
Foot Care Specialist
Foot Health Practitioner
Gait Analysis
Graston Therapy
Homepathic Mesotherapy
IDD Therapy
IM Injection
Infrared Therapy
Integrated Aquatic Therapy
Integrated Bowen Therapy
Joint Articulation
Kinect Chain Release Therapy
K-Laser Therapy
Korean Hand Acupuncture

Laryngeal Manual Therapy
Light Touch Therapy
Low Level Laser Therapy
Lower Limb Biomechanics
Maitland Technique Manipulation
Manipulative Therapy
Manual Therapy
McHoughlin Scar Tissue Therapy
McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release
Mezieres Method
Muscle Energy Techniques
Muscle Testing
Myofacial Release Bodywork
Myopractic Techniques
Myotherapy Naturopathy
Neuro Touch Therapy
Neuro-Developmental Therapy
Neuromuscular Therapy
Neuro-skeletal Realignment Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Osteopathic Articulation
Pain Management
Polarity Therapy
Postural Analysis and Correction
Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

Red Light Therapy
Reflex Zone Therapy
Rock-tape Fascial Movement
S I Manipulation
Shen Therapy
Soft Tissue Manipulation
Spinal Manipulation Therapy
Spinal Manipulation, including Thoraic, Lumbar and SIJ
Sports Injury Rehabilitation
Sports Therapy
The Footprint Connection
The McKenzie Method
The Perrin Technique
The Trager Approach
Thermal Therapy
Time Based Technique
Time Line Healing
Tomatis Method
Transactional Analysis
Trigger Point Therapy
Tui Na
Ultrasound Therapy
Vibro-muscular Harmonisation Technique
Whole Hearted Healing
Yumeiho Therapy
Yumeiho Therapy Manual Therapy
Zentai Therapy
Zero Balancing

Do not worry if your activity, therapy or discipline is not listed. If you send us an enquiry or quote request we will advise you what cover you require

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