Health & Wellbeing

Insurance for a wide range of holistic therapists and healthcare professionals, schools and associations.

Insurance Designed for the Health & Wellbeing Sector

Bespoke insurance solutions for the Health & Wellbeing sector, currently encompassing 1,500+ varying activities/therapies. Only available through Foyht, which is open to people of most countries worldwide. The insurance element of membership is available to those resident in/working across the UK, EEA and South Africa:

  • for face-to-face work: anywhere in the world other than USA/Canada.
  • for online/onscreen work: anywhere in the world but UK/EEA jurisdiction applies.

At we believe that practitioners should be adequately protected to enable them to practice and with confidence: we think about insurance so that they don’t need to. approaches the needs of all practitioners in a holistic manner. That is to say, we endeavour to provide help and assistance beyond the world of insurance – both to the individual practitioners and to their supporting membership groups/associations.

To understand the various complex and often unseen risks to corporate health and wellbeing practice that good insurance cover may mitigate, please look at the recent webinar discussion between Nick Elwell, managing director of /, and Steven Bruce, osteopath and director of the Academy of Physical Medicine, entitled ‘Insurance: What Might Be Missing?