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Health & Wellbeing Insurance

BGi.uk has designed a series of Insurance policies for Yogis, Teachers, Practitioners, Therapists, Schools and Associations engaged in some 1,500 activities, therapies and disciplines; ranging from Aesthetics to Zumba

BGi.uk is a specialist in insurance for Health and Wellbeing activities, therapies and disciplines. We currently cover a number of different Mindfulness disciplines. The list keeps growing.

These are some of the many Mindfulness disciplines we cover

Arrow Breaking
Axe Throwing
Biosolas Meditation
Block, Board and Brick Breaking
Body Awareness
Breath work and Voice work
Breathing Therapy/Breathing Work
Bush craft
Colour Breathing
Community Coach
Creatrix Transformology
Cuddle Therapy
Curative Hypnotherapy
Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique
Emo Trance
Fembodiment Training
Fire Walking
Floatation Therapy
Forest Bathing
Form Reality Practice
Freefall Therapy
Glass Walking
Growing Gurus Relaxation and Wellness
Guided Imagery and Visualization
Guided Self-Healing

Health Coaching
Health Kinesiology
Hidden Mind Corrective Sound
Holistic Education Therapy
Holistic Integrated Creative Art Therapy
Holistic Pain Management with Tens
Hypnotherapy and Hypnotherapy Innervisions
Integrated Aquatic Therapy
Intuitive Unwinding Meditation
Jikiden Reiki
Journey into Wellness
Kinetic Shift
Magnified Healing
Meditation and Sound in Hammocks
Mindful Monkeys
Mirroring Hands
Mizan Therapy
Natural Therapy
Neuro Life Coach
Neuro Touch
Neurographica and Neuro Art
Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterning
Nitaai Breathing
Nordic Walking

Osho Pulsation
Resilience Training
Restoration Therapy
Sacred Freedom Protocol
Self-Love Therapy
Self-Mastery Techniques
Shadow Work
Singing Bowl Mediation Massage
Somatic Body work, Experience and Movements
Soul Body Fusion and Coaching
Source Healing Technique
Spinal Flow Breach Work, Coaching and Technology
Spiritual Intelligence Training and Spiritual Life Coaching
Stress Management and Release
The Pillar Practice
The Rudra Devi Technique
The Trager Approach
The Trust Technique
Theta Healing
Transformational Coaching
Vibrational Breath Therapy
Vibro-muscular Harmonization Technique
Visualisation Techniques
Walking Innovation
Wellbeing and Life Coach
Wellbeing Guidance and Coaching
Wim Hof Method
Womb Awakening
Womb Blessing, Healing and Attunement
Womb Hara Integrative Massage Therapy
Women’s Circle

Do not worry if your activity, therapy or discipline is not listed. If you send us an enquiry or quote request we will advise you what cover you require

For our comprehensive list, please visit our Activities, Therapies and Disciplines page

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