Insurance Key Facts

Health & Wellbeing Insurance

Foyht Membership and Insurance for Teachers and Practitioners

Insurance Key Facts

  • Public Liability (Indemnity Limit €5,000,000 per insured person or business: €10,000,000 usually available on request)
  • Malpractice & Professional Indemnity (Indemnity Limit €5,000,000: €10,000,000 usually available on request)
  • Products Liability –Limits apply (for items sold/rented/leased in connection with your insured business)
  • Accidental loss or damage to your business stock and equipment. Overall Limit €5,000: Single item limit €1,000: mobile phones excluded
  • Liability for damage to rented/hired third party premises
  • Libel & Slander
  • Breach of confidentiality, negligence or breach of duty of care
  • Website and e-mail infringement arising from the promotion, marketing and advertising of your insured business
  • Loss of Reputation extension
  • Emergency First Aid and Good Samaritan Acts included
  • Indemnity to principals
  • Member to member liability included
  • Retro-active date 2006 or since the date you have held Medical Malpractice/Liability insurance without break or interruption
  • 12 months run off cover to allow for periods when you might not be working
  • Geographical Area & Jurisdictiona

a. The insurance is available to anyone living or working in any of the EEA territories

b. For Face to Face meetings, therapies and treatments you will be insured anywhere in the world other than the USA & Canada

c. For remote, on-line and pre-recorded meetings, therapies and treatments you will be insured anywhere in the world but the jurisdiction applicable at your home/work address will apply unless otherwise specifically agreed by insurers.

  • Additional Legal Expenses (Currently only available in the UK & Ireland)

NB: The insurance is arranged on a claims made basis.

Important conditions

  • All premiums to be paid by PayPal, credit/debit card or Bacs/Bank Transfer
    a. In GB pounds for UK and UK Territories policies
    b. In Euros for EU policies
  • The Insurance is provided on a 12 month basis. No premium returns are made unless canceled within the 14 day cooling off period
  • Employer’s Liability cover is not included but can be added
  • An excess of €250.00 applies to the business stock & equipment extension

Available levels of indemnity

We believe that teachers and students alike should be adequately protected so we provide all of our policy holders with an indemnity of €5,000,000 which is the amount required by most Councils, the NHS and other similar authorities and institutions. A higher limit of €10,000,000 is available at an additional cost upon request.

Special features

The Foyht policy wording is exceptionally wide and will be adequate for most individuals and micro enterprises. If your business has developed beyond “you” it may be beneficial to consider your requirements on a Business Combined basis to include other Commercial Insurance Risks.

Please call for information and advice: Tel: +34 911140496 e:

Unlike most policies, your Foyht policy is operative World Wide other than the USA/Canada so feel free to practice your therapy(s) around the world in the knowledge that you are fully insured.

Currently, the policy is only available to those resident or working full time in:
a. The UK and UK Territories   b. The EEA   c. South Africa

For a full list of therapies we insure, please see

If you practice or teach something not on this page – please let us know and we will add it – if we possibly can.